Kids Martial Arts Will Boost Your Child's Confidence!

Children this age are entering the “magical years” in their growth and development.They will for the first time experience rapid growth and development in the early stages of many skills.

Martial arts will help them kick-start their growth and development in a positive and constructive atmosphere.

  • Teamwork and Sharing Skills
  • Improved Ability to Follow Directions
  • Leadership Skills That Will Serve Them For Years
  • Develop Discipline, Confidence, and Respect
  • Lifelong Dedication to Success

AGES 3-5

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Training will increase your Childs development!

Top three PHYSICAL milestones for this age are:
Early development in the following…
  • Upper body, core, and lower body muscles developed to remain in one position for 10 seconds or longer.
  • Alternating feet and hands for 10 reps for longer.
  • Spatial awareness (where their body exists in space/ how far or close things really are) to catch an object from various directions 5 times in a row or more.

Top three INTELLECTUAL milestones for this age are:
Early development in the following…
  • Following directions with verbal cues only.
  • Processing 3-step or higher commands.
  • Repeating process of 3 consecutive routines of more.
Top three EMOTIONAL milestones for this age are:
Early development in the following…
  • Demonstrating a “can do” attitude.
  • Controlling their emotions when they are challenged.
  • Facing fears such as trying new things and meeting new people.